Tuesday, August 20, 2013

secret loves

>>> opening my computer to find several pages open to hockey and soccer stuff. because that means i live with a boy and we share things. and that boy is my husband. and i love him.

>>> babies that fall asleep in my arms. that happened this weekend and i almost adopted her.

>>> listening to a song on repeat all day long.

>>> drenching things in hot sauce.

>>> anything written by this blogger. she has a way with words. she used to have a blog where she would post drafts of her novels and short stories. i read every word. but that was four years ago and now i just have to wait till her writings hit the publishers. but she's moving to nyc in september - i won't have to wait long.

>>> social media. it's not healthy.

>>> i'm going to be an aunt of three newborns in the next eight months. pretty sure dallas and i will have to fly to hawaii twice in the next year to greet two of these sweet babes.

>>> these sparkler photos by opal dream photography. whaaa?

>>> dallas says super sweet things in the morning when he's half asleep. like this morning when he mumbled at me with his eyes closed, "you're a special gal, lydia." he won't remember saying that when he wakes up but i'll take it.

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  1. thanks for the shout out, lydia! that is the sweetest thing! gosh, i'm so glad you're a fan :) that makes me so happy. seriously. day made!