Thursday, August 29, 2013

just peachy

{ peaches from my momma's tree. }

>>> recent discovery: i really like the yeah yeah yeahs.

>>> dallas loves miley's new song. it's kind of the most entertaining thing ever to watch him sing his little heart out to it.

>>> dallas and i go through a package of oreos in less than 24 hours.

>>> going 24 hours without a phone drives me to start talking to myself.

>>> there's a kitty asleep on my arm right now. no, she's not dead. i didn't mean for my last post to be misleading. we just have to give her away. not because she isn't the perfect kitty, but because we were sort of not allowed to have her in the first place... what can i say... dallas and i are rule-breakers.

>>> dallas and i went on a spontaneous camping trip in the rain the other night. just the two of us. we drove up the canyon. snuck into a camp park. he set up the tent in the rain while i watched from the car. we cuddled in our sleeping bags. we ate oreos and shared redbulls. we watched jaws on a laptop. it was perfectly romantic.

>>> school starts next week and the thought makes me want to vomit.

>>> speaking of vomiting, dallas and i just made a resolution to eat ramen for lunch everyday. we figure it will save us $120 a month. hello hawaii next summer.

>>> my niece thinks her new baby sister should be named strawberry. i agree.

>>> the number of things on this list that start with "dallas and i" make me really happy. shout out to you, best friend. i love you.


  1. the yeah yeah yeahs! tell me you've heard their song softshock, it's one of my favorites.

  2. Your niece is on to something. I have a feeling that the name Strawberry is going to be all the rage.

  3. So sad that you have to give her away! Silly rules. They're meant to be broken right? We have a two animal limit...and I'm still trying to persuade my hubs that we NEED a kitten and they'll never know right? ;)

    Hope she finds a wonderful home!! :)

  4. austin & i share your husbands love for miley's new song. at first i was pretty embarrassed to admit it, but we've decided to embrace it haha &&&& if you haven't already, listen to heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs, i love it!

  5. your camping trip sounds so sweet and fun!