Thursday, August 1, 2013

it's not even my half birthday

this post is just because i'm in love.

yesterday i forgot to drive my car home from campus, so this morning i had to shake dallas awake at 6am and ask him to give me a ride. not only did he hop out of bed and jump in the car without a complaint, he also told me how much he liked driving me in the morning because that meant he got to spend time with me. my face was like :O. 

AND THEN shortly afterwards i got a text from said lover boy saying all sorts of sweet things. delicious raspberries and sugar kind of sweet things. 


AND THEN he made me a lunch for today. 


people. it's only 11am. in dallas' words, "i must have slayed a dragon in the pre-earth life to deserve this."

i am in love.


  1. Way too cute. But seriously. :)

  2. well shoot. that's adorable, and all husbands should be just like that. (& the hashtag photo is great.)