Wednesday, August 14, 2013


>>> my new motto is "i'm married--i can do whatever i want."* this includes never doing laundry and wearing husband's clothes. and the same pair of pants for two weeks straight. black skinny jeans from D.I. for the win. *note: this was also my motto when i was single.

>>> my sister redid my blog. i'm not going to pretend to take credit for something this professional. it pays to have a sister who is a web designer. i highly recommend getting one.

>>> has anyone else noticed all the bloggers in nyc blogging about how much they love their city at the same time? i wish they would stop bragging.

>>> my internship is over. over. over. i told myself that meant having time to organize and decorate my home. but really it means afternoon naps, watching breaking bad, and reading jurassic park err'day. 

>>> i skated the canyon on my new long board for the first time and i didn't even make dallas hold my hand the whole time. this fulfills my secret dream of becoming his skater-girlfriend. 

>>> something miraculous happened in relief society on sunday. it started out as a lesson on rs. which then promptly turned into a lesson on motherhood. i was trying really hard not to internally roll my eyes and fold my arms. but then all of a sudden someone raised her hand and demanded we remember the infertile couples. and THEN everyone was raising their hands and the lesson changed from "motherhood is the only reason for living" to "you are worth more than your motherhood." it's fine. we hugged. we cried. it was the best rs of my life. (before anyone bites my head off - i'm not dissing motherhood. i'm also not inadvertently hinting that dallas and i are infertile).

>>> this is the best chili i've ever had in my life. make it*. eat it. sleep it off and eat some more. 
*note: i suggest using half the cayenne.

>>> i'm about to go home, stuff myself with banana bread, and take a sandwich to dallas at work. is it bad i'm mostly doing this not to be nice but because i'm selfish and want a kiss?


  1. i am OBSESSED with the new blog design, obsessed i tell you! that picture of you is freakin adorable - actually i think every picture i see of you is freakin adorable. so one of the reasons i really look forward to marriage (maybe even having a real serious boyfriend) is that i'll be able to steal his shirts without him caring. i've always loved men's clothes. i wish the nyc-ers would stop bragging too, i've only been once but it was love at first sight.

  2. Totally have noticed the NYC thing! So jealous! Going for the first time in December and it can't come soon enough!

    I so appreciate the motherhood thing. As a young wife (and woman) who has experienced loss and is terrified of fertility problems, it is so encouraging to see other woman coming together, supporting one another, and admitting that sometimes attaining motherhood is hard, and brutal, and emotional and sucky. And that we woman are defined by SO MUCH MORE than our ability to create, sustain, and birth life.

  3. Sounds like married life fits you well! I love reading your blog in my spare moments. I hope you know how loved you are. Hope to see you soon!

  4. I love everything about this layout and this post. :) Adorable.

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  6. :) luv you. Good job on the skating. I meant to jump in the giveaway a couple more times yesterday but things got crazy because I had to take Lina to the doc and John's bro-n-law came to town... anyway, love you. And I still hope I win, hehe :)))