Thursday, July 18, 2013

ya wanna know

what makes me sad?
when blogs shrivel up and die.

i get excited whenever i click on a blog i've never seen before. (this happens a couple times a month. a week. or a day.)
what will i find on this blog?
will it be interesting? will i get hooked on it and spend hours exploring it? will i read it till the end? will it become a blog that i check everyday?

because blogs are amazing. they're brilliant! they build networks. they introduce ideas. they create a community.

so it makes me sad. it makes me sad when i click on a blog link for the first time and i see that the last post was forever ago. you can tell the author has no intention of coming back.
it makes me sad when a blog i read everyday starts to fade. you can tell the author is losing interest. their posts get smaller and smaller. they voice loses heart and eventually they stop.

i'm not saying blogging is the most important thing in the world or that it should be everybody's priority. a blog does not entail a lifetime commitment. i understand that. and there's no wrong in moving on.

but still. it makes me sad.

i'm not through with the blogging world yet! don't leave me!

an abandoned blogger

1 comment:

  1. Yes. This is EXACTLY how I feel when I discover a new blog.

    Unfortunately, I'm kinda in a "blah" stage of blogging. For the past few months, I've mainly written book reviews. My life is soo busy that I've pushed blogging to the bottom of my list of priorities. That needs to change, though!

    Great post!