Tuesday, July 30, 2013

>>> does anyone else find that you feel perfectly fine until someone asks you out of the blue how you are doing, sincerely, and then you suddenly feel really sorry for yourself and how hard your life is? i'm officially dubbing this "how-are-you-doing-disorder." please people. stop asking me how i'm doing. i'm fine until you ruin it.

>>> dallas learned the difference between baking soda and baking powder this weekend.only after our waffles disintegrated before our eyes.

>>> if you love me, you'd go here and vote for my sister. and for those who really love me, you'd vote every hour, because you can do that. also, i don't know if this is illegal, but i'm doing a giveaway soon (in the next couple of weeks), and if you tell me you voted for her then you get an extra entry in the giveaway. the more votes, the more entries. shhhh.

>>> i've decided to keep my last name. i know i told you that dallas and i were both changing our last names to nelson-hadley. but we changed our minds. it's kinda a long story.. maybe i'll write an entire post on it later. #feminismforever

>>> dallas and i have adopted a child. his name is heisenburg. from breaking bad. but we call him ike. bloggy world, meet ike.

>>> i have officially broken in my new longboard. happy birthday to me!

(side note: dallas gets his cast off in a week and a half! can i hear a hip hip hooray?! also, we don't have a spray tan on in this photo. #filterfail)

>>> i have become a jegging convert. it's the closest thing i can wear to leggings on campus so it's like my secret slap in the face to the honor code. also, not only am i a jegging convert, i am a jegging addict. i wear my one pair everyday. no one checks up on custodians.

>>> on a more awkward note: one time i pantsed dallas in public. like, bare bum. in the grocery store. in the produce section. what did i do? laugh. what did he do? laugh. i love him.


  1. Oh my gosh you're hilarious! And I totally get what you mean with the how-are-you-doing disorder. SO true

  2. okay, sorry i am going to your blog, reading the first post and then picking out the subtle feminist reference and then commenting on it and being all girl what up? but really what upppp? i'm realizing how i'm constantly subconsciously looking for other people who feel the same way i do because they are so rare in my utah mormon culture. or so it seems. i have a few friends who genuinely get it. other friends who don't. and other friends who blatantly judge me. whatever.

    also, i love the jeggings. where are yours from? i haven't been able to stomache wearing a pair of jeans in probably two years.

  3. Aren't jeggings the best? And hooray for Breaking Bad! It's almost heeeeeere! I'm so excited that I'm blocking out the fact that it's the last season. It's my favorite show on TV by far!

  4. I'd love to hear about the name decision. I love talking to people about their name decisions. Like. I could probably write a book about it. So...this is a vote for a blog post about it!

    Also, I love you so I voted for your sister!

  5. wait. No I didn't. I thought I did...but it was closed? I don't know. I got confused.

  6. i may need to get myself some jeggings!

  7. Also voting for a post on the name thing! :)