Monday, July 15, 2013

bridals in so cal

get ready for wedding wedding wedding. maybe i'll make a post about the do's and don't's of wedding planning. because you know, i've done it once, i must know everything now (kidding).

i'll start with my first piece of advice right now. make choosing a good photographer at the top of your  list. think it ain't worth it? maybe you're not photogenic. maybe you've never liked posing for photos. maybe you think photographers are overpriced. i don't care. for this one day, just this one time, go with the best. cut back in other places if you have to, but choose your favorite photographer. then no matter what goes wrong on your wedding day, you can feel confident that you'll have some perfect pictures to remember the most important day of your life. and "the best photographer" does not necessarily mean the most expensive. shop around until you find one that you feel best captures your style. and if you're in utah valley, there are about 875,645,789 photographers to choose from. it's fun.

for my bridals, i chose opal dream photogarphy.


  1. totally my number one wedding goal: have a good photographer. i'll wear a DI dress before i hire an "average" photographer. your dress is stunnnnning.

  2. Your dress is literally one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen in my life. I am completely obsessed with it.