Monday, June 10, 2013

>>> there is no church art in my dream home. unless you count a photograph of the bountiful temple. and caravaggio. (side note: i don't have my dream home.)

>>> my favorite ice cream is haagen daz white chocolate raspberry truffle. but who needs frozen milk when you can have chocolate cake?? 

>>> sometimes i judge my self-worth on how many followers i have. then i realize 16 is a sorry number and i reevaluate how to judge my self-worth.

>>> i go fake baking. but if you ask, i’ll only tell you i went to seven peaks on saturday.

>>> i like still like talk like a like teenager like in like real like life and like i’m like 21. #like #hashtagsforever  

>>> i aspire to be famous one day.. because i’m superficial... and human.

>>> i want to be a wedding planner. (maybe this will make me famous?)

>>> opal dream photography. so proud of my big sis and feminist mentor! makin’ businesses and all! *happy tears!* (also, i'm in the header! I'M FAMOUS!)

>>> ... amen

>>> i knew i was on to something. and before anyone bites my head off, this article does not embody all of my opinions on the topic. it just.. validates some of them. if you want to hear what i have to say about the matter, ask and i'll write a post about it.

>>> someone i haven’t seen in years sent me a message today and told me she thinks i’m amazing and that she started reading my blog. *happy tears!*


  1. why no "church art"? Is it the entire Mormon genre idea, where they make it all fuzzy, manipulative (emotion wise) and not entirely accurate (the ones most artists dislike are Simon Dewey or Greg Olsen. Thomas Kincade is in the same category)? Or do you dislike any kind of religious art? I personally love Carl Henrich Bloch, he is one of my inspirations, and I would love to have his work in my home. I also like some of Minerva Teicharts work, and I love Arnold Friebergs-- I saw his art in person one time, and it really leaves you speechless as to the depth of his talent. I used to dislike those typical warm and fuzzy artists (olson, dewey, kincade, etc.), but now I'm okay with them as in I accept it's what makes them happy to create and it makes others happy to see it, but I won't ever put it in my home cause it isn't at all the kind that truly moves and inspires me.

  2. that would be correct, andrea. it's the entire Mormon genre idea. but i love religious art!

  3. oh my gosh, haagen daz white chocolate raspberry truffle sounds unreal. i should probably try it tomorrow.