Tuesday, June 4, 2013

if you asked me what's wrong... i wouldn't be able to tell ya. i dunno... maybe it was because i woke up late. or because my computer wigged out and i lost today's notes in class. or because i had a stressful day at work. or because i have been procrastinating my ten page paper due in two days. or because the copy machine in the library wasn't working for me. or maybe because the aloe vera at the bookstore was priced $5 over my budget. or because my surprising dallas outside his test didn't work out. either way, i wasn't happy today. and i just felt like crying, for no real good reason.

but then...

this boy... this boy changed my day. he didn't know why i was sad. i couldn't tell him exactly why, i just was. i acted mad at him, even though i wasn't. but he just told me he loved me a hundred times. and he told me i was the most beautiful girl in the world, as he always does. and he smiled at me. and he kissed me. and he told me jokes the whole walk home. and he thanked me profusely for the taco bell dinner i had bought him. and he bought lotion and aloe vera for me on his way to play soccer. and he asked me so nicely "please do something happy while i'm gone?" before he left. and he didn't mind one bit that i was in a bad mood.

because he's perfect.

and now i'm so happy. :)

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