Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy father's day, my love

this is the first father's day that i've ever had another man in my life other than my dad. dallas isn't a dad yet (obvs), but i think father's day and mother's day should be a time to celebrate even those who aren't lucky enough to be a parent. because, that's a little bit unfair sometimes. (if you want me to go on about that, i will, but that's a post of it's own).

so, i wished dallas a happy father's day. i forgot to wake up early and make him a special breakfast, and i didn't give him cookies after sacrament meeting. but i did spend some time looking through pictures of us since we started dating and chose a few of our favorites to print off and put on our fridge. i even did something really uncharacteristic and went all diy-like - using hot glue to add magnets and everything! i was feeling really proud of my ingenuity until i googled it and found out making homemade instagram magnets were a thing even before stickygram. figures.

happy father's day, love!

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