Monday, June 3, 2013

few things

>>> why have i not read the feminine mystique yet?!

>>> if you haven't watched pbs' documentary, MAKERS:WOMEN WHO MAKE AMERICA, do it now. it's free.

>>> i made cheddar bacon deviled eggs. and french fries. and fried chicken. from scratch (our sunday tradition). just call me julia child. 

>>> weekends with dallas william hadley are quickly becoming my favorite thing ever. we bought seven peaks passes and have plans to use them every friday and saturday for the rest of our lives. we went this saturday and kicked off our first sunburns of the summer. let's just say we're on our third aloe vera bottle. but it was so worth it. dallas was a lifeguard growing up, and he's from texas, which means he's spent a lot of his childhood in swimming pools. he's like a fish. and he gets so excited at waterparks he's like a little kid... a little kid fish. and it's adorable.

>>> date night with dallas: temple, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and perks of being a wallflower (my favorite movie). am i in heaven?

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  1. I got a sunburn yesterday, but it wasn't doing anything nearly as fun as you guys, lol. It was mowing the lawn (and attempting to get a little color for our trip to Lake Powel this summer... yeah, not so exciting way to get sunnurnt :) )Those devil eggs sound amazing.