Wednesday, June 19, 2013


ya wanna know why i don't like church art?

because of this ^^^. caravaggio has spoiled me. 

i don't hate mormon artists. most of them just put a cringe on my face. and i'm not talking about the paintings of biblical stories. i'm talking about the paintings of imaginary fairy-tale scenes with lots of children and tame animals and lush foliage and perfect sunsets. i'm not going to say specific names or point fingers (i don't feel like offending anyone right now), but i'll tell you that most of those paintings make me wince and whine, "cchheeeezzzzzyyyy." 

but when i look at a painting like caravaggio's the incredulity of saint thomas (1601-02), i'm floored.

side note: my friend once painted a fresco of caravaggio's medusa. we could be twins.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly!!! I love Caravaggio. I was thinking today (while reading my art history text about the Renaissance) about how greatly I wanted to paint things that really have depth, feeling, and meaning (Like Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Bloch, etc.). I really struggle with painting and creating, because I can't just sit down and paint nothingness. It has to mean something to me. It has to evoke emotion. Ryan is always saying "just paint flowers." I can't, though, unless I could some how conjure up deep meaning through brush strokes and composition, it just feels so flat and lifeless.

  2. I would love if you would highlight some of these religious paintings (or more!) on your blog sometimes! Sunday series, perhaps? :) I am hopelessly ill informed and terribly tired of cliche, cheesy Mormon religious art.

  3. Bahaha. I can't believe I just now saw this post. Love it

  4. Bahaha. I can't believe I just now saw this post. Love it