Wednesday, May 22, 2013

this article needs to stop

so i'm really sick of seeing this link shared on facebook.

yes. i read through it. and i know i could probably spend another hour picking it apart and making a really good argument, but i don't feel like it right now. all i really want to say is it only took one skim for it to creep under my skin.

i will tell you though, my immediate reaction is like 'sorry you hate your mom... now let's get back to feminism.'

i'll think about elaborating later... or maybe i will a little right now.

let's just get back to the basics of feminism real quick. it's about equality for men and women. i'm a feminist. i don't want to be a man. I WANT TO BE A WOMAN. I WANT TO BE A MOTHER.

i want to see women and men have equal salaries, across the world.

i want to see women and men have equal opportunities for education, across the world.

i want to see women and men have equal rights to health care, across the world.

i want to see women and men have an equal voice in politics, across the world.

i want to see women and men have equal respect, across the world. it's that simple.

^^^ feminism. ^^^

i also want to have a family of my own, with my adorable fiance, dallas.

equality is something i choose to stand up for, whether or not each of these issues directly involves me or not (but a lot of them do). it's a principle thing.

i can still stand up for all of these things and be a good mother. sorry, rebecca walker, that your mom neglected you. but it's not about feminism. it's about your mom.

i'm sorry your mom gave you the impression that it's all feminism's fault. sounds to me like your mom had a personal problem with mothering.

also, to everyone who reads rebecca walker's article, and my post: don't let anyone tell you what it means to be a 'good' mom. at least, the media is not necessarily where you should turn to figure that out.


  1. I think it is terribly sad how fanatics and jerks have caused people to get this completely false idea of what feminism is and means. Thank you for standing up for the truth, and I agree with you.

  2. I agree that her problems with her mom were about her mom, but I do think that her mother's feminism views were that having children tied you down and that women shouldn't be forced to bear and rear children while men were able to work and whatnot. In that way I think that her mother is an extreme feminist and I agree with Andrea Michelle that it's sad that one person can put a negative light on something that is, in it's origin, good. :) that's my perspective. Mostly, it's just sad that a mother could treat her daughter that way and I found the article interesting from that viewpoint

  3. Preach, sister.
    I've been reading Cinderella Ate My Daughter, and in it the author mentions that a lot of the moms who buy into the current girlie-girl craze are the daughters of 70s feminists. Those women were figuring things out, and they didn't get everything right. There was a lot of squelching femininity and acting like "girl things" were less valuable than "boy things" and so on and so forth. What's sad is that no one seems to realize that bra-burning doesn't equal feminism. If you think women should get to go to college, have jobs (and get paid appropriately for them) have access to birth control, not be raped, etc. you are a feminist! End of story! The problem with that article is that it supposes that feminism wants to ultimately end motherhood, and it doesn't. The end.