Saturday, May 4, 2013

may day

so. you probably noticed the cool new little button i put on my blog. just kidding, you probably didn't notice, and just kidding, i didn't put it there. i made my sister do it.

i decided to do this thing 4 days ago and... i'm really ambitious, so it's working out really well...

day 1: the story of your life in 250 words or less 

born a proud utahn in 1991. moved to south africa for a year. moved to ecuador for three years. moved to argentina for three years. travelled to 19 countries (my favorite country belgium--hello, belgium chocolate). loved elementary school. hated junior high. hated most of high school. loved senior year. made some amazing, life-long friends. had my first boyfriend. was dumped by my first boyfriend. had all sorts of part-time jobs in between there. realized i was a feminist. got accepted to byu. changed my major three times. discovered my love for art history, women's studies, and humanities. went on a life-changing study abroad to europe. dated lots. broke a few hearts and had my heart broken. found my true love. or rather, he found me. spend my days wedding planning, interning at a museum of art, working the best job in the world in the byu women's studies office, and talking with my love about our future.

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