Tuesday, May 28, 2013

how do i recover from such an amazing weekend?

is what dallas asked me this morning.

i, for one, clearly haven't recovered yet. when i walked in to class today my classmate took one look at me and she laughed. sorry for wearing a t-shirt to class? sorry i had so much fun this weekend that i slept in till the last second this morning? #sorryi'mnotsorry.

we road-tripped to idaho.

becky and andrea threw me a tea party bridal shower.
there were baby sandwiches
and lemon cupcakes
and cheesecake dip
and pretzel pudding.

there were a thousand flowers
and crazy hats
and lots of little girls.

there were tp wedding dresses
and fancy dishes
and grandma's famous caramel popcorn.

we had a bonfire by the river.
we stuffed our faces with hot dogs.
we watched the geese with their cute wittle goslings.

i made a surprise fort in the living room.
i got sick. (k, this part sucked)
but dallas nursed me back to health with saltines and sprite.

we went to the lovely lady lena's fabulous farewell.
we had strawberry nutella crepes.
we said goodbyes.

we spontaneously drove up american fork canyon.
and visited our engagement bridge.

we took naps.
we made fried chicken and homemade fries.
we ate dinner in the fort.
we made kazookies.
we skyped dallas's sibs in hawaii.

we slept in.
we finished registering at target.
we played in petco, just because.
we almost bought a hermit crab.
we ate jimmy john's.
we went to seven peaks with janae, allie, and their beaus.
we reenacted the titanic in the wave pool.
we got dollar tacos at a hole in the wall.
we spotted a moose in the canyon.
we made a bonfire with lint and litter.
we stuffed our faces with delicious hot shmoes.
and we talked about zombies and pet peeves.

it was the best weekend of my life.

btw, this morning dallas woke up early (even though he didn't have work till 11:30), made me a breakfast burrito, packed my backpack, and gave me a ride to my internship. when i thanked him, he said "oh, you're welcome! won't i make such a good househusband?"

yes, love. yay for challenging gender stereotypes.

*p.s. don't worry, annette, i won't stop writing intellectual posts when i get married. 


  1. I was so bummed that I couldn't make it up last weekend for the shower. And now I'm even more bummed because it sounded like so much fun.

  2. Delicious hot shmoes. I'm still smiling about. Thank you for writing it.

    Also, why did you not by the crab?

  3. I'm glad you had such a good weekend :)