Friday, May 31, 2013


>>> he is a full time student and has two part time jobs
>>> he plays the guitar and the piano
>>> he loves punk music and taylor swift
>>> he loves all art
>>> he calls himself a feminist
>>> he plays soccer and hockey
>>> he longboards
>>> he tans in a day.. it drives me nuts with jealousy
>>> he is an english teaching major and the kiddos love him
>>> he loves flannel
>>> he loves watching documentaries
>>> he likes to watch spongebob, breaking bad, and the walking dead
>>> he writes poems and lyrics
>>> he loves shopping on whiskey militia
>>> his family are his best friends
>>> his best friends are like family to him
>>> he gets along with absolutely everybody
>>> he has a way with cops
>>> he is a prank master
>>> his favorite food is mexican food
>>> he went to peru on his mission
>>> he loves making bombs and bonfires
>>> he has the goofiest sense of humor, and i'm addicted to it
>>> he loves the ocean
>>> he used to be a lifeguard
>>> he insists on doing all the dishes
>>> he cooks me chicken marsala every week
>>> he calls me "my queen," "my angel," "my flower," and "lyntals"
>>> he has stayed in the same ward for three years just so he could be in the same ward as me, even though we weren't dating

>>> he is a free spirit and i love him

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