Monday, April 8, 2013

once i had a bridal shower

and it was freakin' awesome.

remember that one time i'm in my fourth semester in german and i still don't have a clue how to speak german? ya... that's happenin'... my greatest joke of my college career will be passing four semesters of german and not learning a thing. don't judge! it's not because i haven't tried! maybe...

at any rate i wouldn't take back those four semesters for one second, because it was because of them i met one of my besties, alena helzer. she is one of the most fabulous humans on the planet, and i love her so! last saturday i was lucky enough for her to throw me a bridal shower, and it was the best! so many of my best friends came, old friends and new friends.

for more pictures check out alena's lovely blog.


  1. Um, this is darling. I am so happy for you, Lydia!! Congratulations to you and Dallas!! :)

  2. What an AWESOME bridal shower! That cake looks amazing and I LOVE love, LOVE that last pic!!!