Friday, March 29, 2013

why do i love you?

because you're you. #duh

>> i can ask you any stupid question in the world, and you never make me feel embarrassed.

>> you make an effort to understand the art i love, and you like it.

>> you proudly call yourself a feminist.

>> it was your idea for us to take on each other's names when we get married.

>> you try hard in school.

>> you love the Lord, with all your heart.

>> you work two jobs and over 20 hours a week to support our future family. :)

>> as we sit next to each other in our art history class, you tell me you want to visit all these places with me one day.

>> you do anything i ask you too. anything.

>> sometimes in the morning you come over to make me breakfast while i get ready, but we end up sitting on the couch with you holding me as i take my time waking up instead.

>> you do the dishes almost every time we cook.

>> your dream career is one centered on service.

>> you are a poet.

>> if there's any errands i need to run you always offer to do them for me, like last night when you ran to the library to check out some books for me while i took a nap.

>> you became a vegetarian with me, on your own account, at first just for fun, but then for reals after you took the time to learn all about it.

>> you are so freakin' handsome. seriously, everyday i see you i melt a little more each time. also, you're the best kisser ever. dang. i'm so lucky.

>> you have steez.

>> you are sorta a free spirit, and open-minded. you appreciate my spontaneity.

>> you have zero enemies.

>> you tell me i'm the most beautiful girl in the world, everyday.

i could go on forever.

oh and p.s. this happened:

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  1. LYDIA!!! CONGRATULATIONS! #1: That list melted my heart. #2: That is GORGEOUS. So happy for you!