Thursday, February 21, 2013

the first date.. and what followed

What should I be doing right now? Homework. But I haven't gotten in the habit all semester, why should I start now?

Before I start though, I just have to say that I am meeting Dallas' parents tonight!!!! and I am so excited. They are flying in for a funeral on Saturday but are coming early to get to know me. OMG OMG OMG. I've met them over skype a couple times, but this will be the first time in person. I am a little nervous.

So. First date with my love. Well. Forgive me, because my memory is not nearly as good as Dallas' is when it comes to our first dates... I never thought they were very important, haha. But don't worry, I am going to make him share his sides of the stories soon, too--he's already started recording them (he even bought a special flash-drive just for our story, the dear). So you will get a more conclusive account... eventually.

But anyway, the first date was a double with his friend and roommate Evan and his long-time girlfriend Christina. They were both really nice, and apparently were trying to trick me into believing it was their first date. Dallas let that secret slip, but that facade was shattered anyway when they started kissing a lot towards the end of the date. Anyway..

We went ice skating! Dallas is a hockey player, and I adore ice skating (I took lessons when I was younger... it doesn't matter that I was the only 15 year old with a bunch of 8 year olds at our local rec center), so I had a good time. Evan and Christina skated to their own love struck drum, holding hands. I wanted to stay as far from that as possible, so I taught Dallas the alphabet and his age in ASL to keep our hands nice and busy (he still remembers how to say 22 in ASL. I'm proud). And he taught me how to do that cool hockey ice skating stop that's like sliding into first base. I still don't know how to do it.

Then we went back to his apartment and made Carmel apples, after all, it was Halloween time. Surprisingly, I had never made Carmel apples before, and it was really fun and delicious. Then someone (probably me) had this bright idea to make the boys do the cinnamon challenge. That was funny! Evan cried like a baby and Christina felt so sorry for him she gave him a million kisses. And I... can't remember Dallas. I'm sure he downed the challenge like a champ, though! And I'm sure I cheered him on and was so proud of him! (I can vaguely remember him spitting up in the bushes in front of the Elms and me laughing and filming it with my phone.. I think.)

Our first moments together are so romantic, no? And I clearly treasure them so much, no?

He asked me out on two dates within the next couple months. He says one of them was going out to eat at some pizza place that doesn't exist anymore and watching Tangled. And the other was going out to breakfast at Magleby's. Do I remember either date? Not one bit. Although I did have a funny deja vu feeling the other day when I went to Magleby's for what I thought was my first time.

And that is how 2010 ended. According to my foggy memory.

Ya. Our story is so perfect. I was still not interested in him, and I'm not sure why I said yes to those few dates. I probably went for the free food. (I'm so sorry, Dallas!)

OR maybe I said yes because it was just meant to be.

Stay tuned.


  1. I am amazed that you don't remember those other dates. I remember everything- Too much actually... :) Ryan and I, our first date was to a formal valentines dance at BYU-I. Shortly before V-day this year I mentioned how much I love v-day, esp. since it was our first date. He responded, "oh yeah? what did we do?" we have had this conversation multiple times in the last 8 years, and he still forgets each year, hahaha.