Tuesday, February 26, 2013

i love it when

YOU spend hours helping me memorize my flashcards.

YOU run home to get midol for me.

YOU let me blast taylor swift. the same songs. for hours. in the car.

YOU bring me dinner on campus.

YOU promise to teach me how to long board.

YOU walk me home everyday.

YOU do the dishes after every meal.

YOU take me shopping when I'm sad and wait so patiently while I'm forever in the dressing room.

YOU don't get mad at me for throwing snow at your face every chance I get. Every day. #sorryi'mnotsorry.

YOU run to the store and buy me medicine when I'm sick.

YOU kiss me. cuz boy, you really good at it.

YOU stay up late for hours making the most perfect valentine gift.

YOU tell me I deserve all these things, when I don't.

(he's the cutie with no pants on)

Sounds like I'm talking about a dream man, doesn't it?
Nope, it's actually my man.

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  1. oh my gosh...this is the cutest post ever! you two are a match made in heaven!