Monday, January 21, 2013

{This is my little sister. Millie.}

by Matilda Nelson
Martty Johnson was an orphan, when we were growing up. And you know what? She never owned her own bucket and shovel. I mean we lived on the beach, every kid had one. The only reason she had one was because she stole it from little susan. She loved that bucket.

The only other thing Martty Johnson loved was her five legged crab, Zing. We can't actually believe it survived with Martty. She had found it living under a rock. The first two legs we think got torn off and eaten by seagulls, when it was a baby. The other one we knew got ripped off by Martty so she could pet it with it's own leg.

Boy was it mean.

One day Martty decided to take Susan's bucket and Zing to the shore. She wanted to make a corral for Zing by putting sand towers around in a circle with Susan's bucket. By the time Martty was done and Zing was safely in his corral Martty wanted some ice cream to reward herself. While Martty stood in line for ice cream (it was a long line) the tide came up and took the bucket. But what we didn't know was that the tide had taken the bucket and Zing with it. We didn't here the screams until Martty had come back with her ice cream in her hands, melting.

As Martty ran up and down the coast line yelling at people for taking her crab a little boy named Jack pointed to the ocean, and yelled "look!". What we saw was a crab with five legs waving good-bye in a bucket. 

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