Monday, November 12, 2012

random rants

addicted to eggs. protein for vegetarians.

mumford & sons station on pandora. where have you been all my life.

this song. so makes me want to dance.

as much as i hate winter, there is just somethin' about walking home after church in the solemn white. it reminds me of narnia. even so, summer will always be my heart. one word: beach. the less clothes, the better, i say.

that awkward moment when a student comes in to ask for help on an essay and you just stare blankly at them. and then you realize you're the ta.

my bedroom is a lair. you know, the "memorizing the pathway to the bed before you turn off the lights" kind. but hey, the bathroom is sparkling.

so, how is art history even a real major? it is too good to be true.

shout out to my friend andy. that kid has more raw talent than is even... woah. like his page, and then have fun stalking him for forever.

mom & dad, all i want for christmas is a camera. you know what kind.

love it when i spill chocolate chips. it's like "whoops. now i gotta eat all of them."

this quote. "value yourself enough to choose to be with someone who wants you as much as you want them."

my favorite books are teen fantasies. it's fine.

aaaand some instaham pictures.

<3 letters from a loved one


okay. i'll give you an a.

study abroad bestie. this girl so hott.

ice skatin' with some of my favorite peeps.

no judging.

halfway around the world and crazy missin' each other. we make do.

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  1. I love how Mom looks freaked and Tillie looks bored.
    Love the high five and my FAVORITE is the pic of socks and bare feet.