Monday, October 15, 2012


today i slept through my first two classes. and felt super guilty.
today i read my scriptures.
today i decided to take off work and have a day to myself.
today i went running for the first time in four months.
today i ate so healthy. banana, luna bar, eggs, tomatoes, pita bread, hummus, sweet potato healthy.
today i took all my multi-vitamins.
today i took a shower. sometimes this is a big deal.
today i did three loads of laundry.
today i made my bed. this is a big deal.
today i cleaned the bath tub. this is also a big deal.
today i did all my german homework and finished writing an essay.
today a boy came over just to say hi
and told me i looked pretty in my pajamas and with no make-up on.
today was a pretty good day.

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