Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i shamelessly stalk the children of blush photography. creepy? debatable. you would too if you ever visited bitsofb.com. i am just saying, she is an amazing photographer, and her kids are natural models.

guys, i got ready for the day today. i wore a skirt to school. for no reason. i even switched out my earrings. maybe its because i just shopped at forever 21 this weekend. or maybe not.

i went to goblin valley this weekend. camping. on the fly. and it was the best camping trip ever. we hit a skunk. [MOM, DON'T READ THIS NEXT PART] we got pulled over. i wasn't wearing a seatbelt. or sitting in a seat. we ran out of water. we nearly died. it was fine.

my room scares me so bad. i go through the same routine every semester: clean room. lasts about... not at all. throughout the semester it becomes a cation zone. i live through finals. then clean. repeat. except this semester i started early. i moved all my stuff back in after summer and never put it away. instead i put it all on display. on my floor.

my sister is moving to wyoming. my world is shattering inside of me as the reality of this statement sets in.

i saw spiderman a couple weeks ago. bestmovieintheaters. and this is coming from someone who is married to bruce wayne by facebook status.

speaking of spiderman.. who would you rather spend a day with - emma stone or taylor swift? this question has left me stumped for days.

today i made myself fried chicken and sweet potato fries. this is the most domestic thing i have done for myself since... the day before when i made myself ramen?

i have listened to bleeding out by imagine dragons on repeat for  hours. his voice: most beautiful in the world.  i am going to see them in concert on october 1st.  euphoria. also coming out in october - taylor swift's new cd. i will be in walmart the minute it is released. first in line. probably not. but i will buy that album before you can say red. only a true taylor swift fan would know what i mean.

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  1. What on earth does it mean to say red? I AM A FAN. YOU TELL ME.

    I'd spend a day with both of them. As long as we are talking about magical worlds where we get to spend a day with a star, I'll go ahead and pick both.

    I made pancakes.