Wednesday, August 15, 2012

fraaaaance (said in a nanny fran voice)

 the center of paris

 and this is why you don't drive in paris

 if i were a rich girl..

 the gardens of versaille

 mary antoinette's playground 

 handmade grotto in versaille. people are amazing.

 frites. i know, the picture sucks, but they were delicious in real life!

 cemeteries are amazing in europe.

 thank you, gericault, for existing.
 the very eiffelly tower.

 that, my friends, is ms. laurel. i love her and her amazing spirit. dearly. last roommate of the study abroad. and once upon a time partners in crime for life.

 the abode of mr. van gogh. the dear soul.
fact: those tan lines have permanently stained my feet. it's a curse. a cool one.

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  1. Oh Lydia, these pictures are amazing! Thanks for posting. I wish I could have gone with you - you are SO cool!