Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this life is aMAZING!!

i could really get used to this study abroad. class in museums from nine to ten, and then free time. aaaaaall day long. who came up with this idea? it's the best vaction of my life! did i mention that i get to have class IN museums? right in front of the most famous art in the world? yeah, i'm pretty happy. class is so much fun, and pretty easy. all we have to do is take notes and write a paragraph of free-write everyday.

the girls are really fun, and i like getting to know new girls.

 horse guard. obviously.
 sorry i missed it, dad.

 st. paul's!

 we went to drury lane. they had no muffins.
 the olympics are here, yo.
 shopping at topshop.

 king's cross! harry potter died here.

sending off my post cards!

tonight we are going to watch henry v in the globe theater.

love and miss you mom and dad! and carrie and becky and matt! and liza, stanley, pablo, lina, and cassa!


  1. Oh my Gosh!!! you forgot my name, HOW COULD YOU NOT MISS ME, HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO PUT MY NAME ON A POST! OH YOU ARE WICKED, WICKED! ....By the way I like the man on the horse!

  2. You forgot Matilda.

    I read that sentence and skipped over the names because I saw that you were listing us all.

    But Matilda noticed that she was not there because she looked.

    She looked.

    And it was not there.

    I'm being snarky right now aren't I?

  3. Oh! And I LOVE that you are updating your blog with these posts! I LOVE seeing it all! Thank you for sharing! Keep it up!