Wednesday, June 6, 2012

these are my gal pals

sometimes it is necessary to get sick every once in a while, 
so that you remember how great it feels to be not sick,
and to be reminded about how much people love you.

i feel like... well, my friend put it this way. that part in 'you've got mail' when meg ryan is sick with a cold and she is roaming around her house, wearing a trench coat with tissues falling out of her sleeves, and she looks like shiz? ya, that's me right now. 

but it's okay, cause i got me some great roommates, a comfy bed, and loads of medication.
this morning first thing when my roommates woke up i asked kaity to take me to the store so i could get some medicine. 
and i bought a lot. but only because i really don't want to be sick when i leave for my europe study abroad in 12 days.  speaking of medicine, have ya'll heard of a neti pot?
it's a little tea pot that you fill with a salty solution. then you put the spout up one of your nostrils and let the liquid burn it's way through your snot and come out the other nostril. it's like one of the least pleasurable experiences i have ever experienced. and sometimes it drips down your throat and you cough and spew salty snot water and get it all over your face.
but it works like a charm and you can breath out of your previously dammed up nostrils like nobody's business.

it's times like these when you feel and look like utter crap that you realize the little blessings you never thought of before, and learn to love the small random things you took for granted.

like good health.

and a messy bed. ya, imma serious. i love messy beds. don't give me none of that perfectly-made-bed crap with pressed sheets and notta one wrinkle. give me a really messy bed with twisted sheets and bundles of blankets that i can burrow in and hibernate.

and puff tissues. i used to hate the things because i felt like they left a cruddy film all over your fingers and face after you've used them. but now i love them because they just bath my little raw nose in moisturizer and are so lusciously soft. and when you blow your nose every two minutes, this becomes necessary. thank you puff creator.

and ramen. you hate the stuff for its unhealthy, salty, cardboard substance. and yet, you love the stuff for its abilities of 1) taking you back to that memory of when your mom would feed it to you sick in bed and 2) it being able to cook in the microwave for two minutes for extra lazy sick people.

and putting your hair in a bun. that is, admittedly, my favorite way to wear my hair. not because it looks good, but because i like to keep my hair tied up and where i cannot worry about it getting in my way. out of sight = out of mind. sometimes, i hate long hair.

and cute boys in your ward that bring you ben & jerry's ice cream and crackers. yay chocolate ice cream. yay crackers. i love me a good cracker.

and a mom that you can call halfway across the world and ask which medicine you can overdose on safely.

and friends. those lovely, delightful flat mates that take care of you. and don't judge you for using a measly cold as an excuse to call in sick to work and stay in bed all day. and even keep you company and take silly pictures with you on the bed. and don't scream and run when you screw up your face for the camera.


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