Sunday, June 17, 2012

soooo i'm in london town

hey all! i've started my study abroad! so far i have been here for two days and we've pretty much been vacationin' it up.

few thoughts.

europeans. why don't they brush their teeth?

trash cans. or 'bins' or whatever. why don't they have any?

parks. why don't we make like this in the states?

mcdonals. aka the ritz. what? speaking of, burger king - they're everywhere.

street names. i'm in heaven. they have such great names here! it's not kohl's or target here, it's kingsbridge, or picadilly.

crepes. ratattouie crepes. hazelnut crepes. sugar and lemon crepes. hellooooo! <3

 my travel buddies, christy and natcat.
 kensington palace. as you can see i am holding my bike. they've got this great bike system here like a redbox. a pound a day and there's stations where you can turn in your bikes everywhere.
 meet erik. our guide for our first day here. he is christy's friend from byu - a graduate student doing research for his master's thesis. he was pretty cool. we stopped by his hostile too for a minute, and we met the queen. drag queen that is. he gave us french chocolate. erik did, that is.
 at princess diana's memorial in kensington park.
 in front of the peter pan statue.
 ever seen one of these\? they are popular here and full of porn.
 famous macaroon's shop. yuuuum. i got a caramel and salted butter one. my first macaroon. and the best.
 jus chillin with amy in hyde park. ya.
 buckingham palace!
in a little rose garden in the middle of hyde park.

we also went to Church, which is also the visitor's center. that was cool. i saw my friend from Centerville, serving a mission. Lexi Wuthrich.


expect a postcard ya'll.

welp, that's all for now, folks. sorry, i'm rushed.


  1. LYDIA!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!! IT IS FANFREAKENTASTIC! I can't believe you went to all those places!! I am soo jealous of you right now! Its way cool that you saw Lexie too!! if you see her again tell her I love her!! ok I have my MTC address!! send me a post card!!

    Sister Kacee Ferrell
    MTC Mailbox # 163
    NM-FARM 0709
    2005 N 900 E
    Provo, UT 84604-1793

    I'll put it on my fb too but I wanted to write on this too!! love you girly!!!!! ps you are really attractive and I may send you a picture of me so its like I'm with you! you better take me places!! <3 you are fantastic!

  2. So... as for many of your questions, there are really no good answers (the teeth thing... yeah don't know. Parks, would be excellent, but maybe a lack of rainfall would make it too hard?), but I can answer the one about trash cans! They had a bomb threat problem when the Irish peeps were wanting to bomb the English (I think, don't quote me on that... It might have been the other people that hated them haha) so they removed them all and never put them back. The end. :)