Sunday, June 10, 2012


i think chris hemsworth is the most beautiful man alive right now. and then christian bale. i will never not love christian bale.

my most favorite motto is "well, i've got nothin' to lose," and it has served me well eeeevery time.

i get on pinterest just to look at people's funny/laughter boards. it brings me joy.

tonight while i was laying in bed with my three year old niece, she farted and set us both into the giggles. we literally couldn't stop. but we were trying to be quite so as not to wake up my nephew in the crib next to us, so then we started shaking trying to keep our giggles in, until she snorted. we lost it. best memory with her thus far.

i leave for europe in exactly one week.

i want to see snow white and the huntsman (not to be confused with snowman and the huntsman) so bad (what does that phrase even mean?!), no matter what reviews people give it.

i miss my little sister more than anything in the whole wide world.

sometimes i wish i could grow up again but with the brain i have now. ya know?

until just now, i didn't know how to properly spell immensely.

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