Thursday, June 21, 2012

few things.

i don't care people here say the chocolate isn't that great. it's a million times better than hershey's. don't worry, family, i am bringing so much home for you to try!

also, we went to a service in st. john's for fhe. i will never say that sacrament meeting is boring again.

i have gone to bed early every single night. i could sleep forever. always. we are just going going going.

i thought this would be sorta like fat camp. and we are exercising a lot. but we make up for it with eating huge breakfasts every morning (hey, they're free!), stealing some of it for lunch, and eating a hearty crepe for dinner and finishing it off with a dessert of hob nobs. hobnobs. i am officially a hobnobber. for those of you that don't know what that is, it's the most delicious cheap cookie in britain. we eat them every day.

the underground. i love it, and i hate it. it's fast and convenient. but it smells. like... nvm. it's a problem.

24 girls 24 hours a day. nuff said. it's kinda like an ultra girls camp. but i love girls camp! and i love this. mostly. i love making so many friends so quickly that you just have to learn to be friends with because you're stuck with them. i appreciate them all for different reasons. and the one boy. he's great too.

also, i've never missed my family so much before in my life. it's not that i am not having a good time, i soooo am. but, everybody keeps talking about their family, i hate it! and i keep dreaming about my family! and i've never travelled without my family before! and i just want to follow my mommy and daddy around the sites and not worry about getting lost or what to plan next. and i just miss the crap out of my family.

speaking of missing people, this has made me so boy sick. i'm just gonna say it. cause all these girls left boyfriends at home and keep talkin' about how great they are and how much they miss them, and i just want to kill 'em. i know i should be happy for them. but i'm a green monster.

i went to the sunshine boys play, or whatever it's called, and it was HILARIOUS. danny davito, you are an amazing actor. so is the uncle from harry potter. no one can do faces like him. but he has a terrible american accent. i got to meet hdanny afterwards! he is a tiny tiny man. and then today me and christy pretty much quoted the entire of matilda. it was hilarious. that movie is such a winner.

also, henry v in the globe theater was so excellent. such good actors.

 london eye
 i love him.
 olympics are  coming!
 london bridge. it's falling down.
 amelia, christy, me, natalie

and i have one more picture. it's of big ben. my my computer is being stupid and won't load it. so, deal.



  1. I am so green with envy! I would do anything to go back to England! Have an amazing time!

  2. Hobnobs are good... but I'm still a bigger fan of the caramel digestives... weird name, but still my fave.

    And the underground smells, but not as bad as it does in Paris :)