Thursday, May 10, 2012

what is college?

(at byu)

when you forget what it feels like to use the soft, thick, expensive kind of toilet paper. 
when sleep is your last priority.
when you care more about grades than food.
when you care more about going out with that cute boy than grades.
when you will slowly become overwhelmingly obsessed with marriage, 
despite your resisting efforts.
when you find those cheesy handwritten quotes on slips of construction paper (that i secretly love) from years of mutual plastered all over the fridge and bedroom walls.
when you don't have matching decorations or kitchen supplies, of any sort.
when you have spontaneous dance parties with your roommates. in your underwear.
when those 'spontaneous' midnight fastfood runs are in reality not that spontaneous,
but quite regular.
when you seriously struggle with managing your money.
when you have to pretend to be grown up.
...will probably add to this periodically.

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