Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

-Try to go to everything invited to.
-Go to the farmers market & buy jam & get our faces painted.
-Hike Mount Timp.
-Throw a dance party.
-Have a movie marathon.
-Break in and pull a prank on a guys’ apartment.
-Lay in the road.
-Buy a hammock.
-Go to a rodeo.
-Kiss somebody.
-Go to a velour concert.
-Run 10 miles.
-Chinese fire drill.
-Drive-in movie.
-Have a pen pal.
-Learn how to talk in an Irish accent.

Europe Bucket List:
-See Wicked
-Kiss a French man on my birthday by the lit Eiffel tower.
-Eat dessert EVERY DAY

.... to be added upon.

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