Sunday, May 13, 2012

i should have listened to my mother.

i can think of two specific times in which i blatantly didn't listen to my mom. both of which times i became totally screwed over.
the first time (i think it was freshman year) was a few years ago when janae and i decided we wanted to visit kacee up at byui, in the middle of the winter. that's about a four hour drive. we had planned on it for a couple of days, and when the time came, both of our moms told us that they didn't feel good about us going. did we listen? no. we were 18, obviously the bosses of our own lives, and clearly know better about how to live our lives. so we went, and we hit a blizzard. let me clarify. the worst blizzard on the planet. we nearly crashed about a dozen times, and were going about two miles per hour. janae and i were cursing ourselves and repeating "we should have listened to our mothers" over and over again. after that, i promised myself i would always listen to my mother when she went all "mother's intuition" on me.

well, yesterday, i woke up with a giant oozing infected crack on my foot. a bad case of dry heel. i had gotten it a few days before but it had not gone away like normal, only gotten worse. this had never happened to me before so i promptly called my momma first thing in the morning and asked her what to do about my swollen, puffy, painful, bloody heal.

my mom told me to go to the doctor's. of course! that's her go to answer for any slight mishap or body abnormality. even sneezing more than two times in a row would make mom whip you to the doctor's. i couldn't go because i was going camping that day, but if it got worse by the next morning i would go.

she paused for a second.
"do not go camping tonight, lydia."

"but mommmmmm! i already told them i was going and they bought food for me and i already invited my friend!"

"lydia, don't go camping."

"moooommm, i will keep my foot covered!"

"lydia, is the camping spot near a river?"

"well... no, it is by a lake. we are going to go on a rope swing the next day."

"don't get in the lake."

"but, that is the whole point of the trip!"

"lydia, do not get in the water."

"okay, i won't get in the water, but i am going camping. if i have to i will go to the doctor's later, i promise."


so, i went camping. we left with our ride at 6:30pm. the drive to the base of the mountain was twenty minutes, and then we were supposed to go off road for another twenty to reach the camp sight. we were part of a caravan of about forty college kiddos, of only about ten did i know. but when our car got to the base of the mountain and started up the trail, we realized our SUV clearly wouldn't make it. the trail was only wide enough for one lane, so we went backwards to the start of the trail and waited with the stranded girls. i had to pee at this point, but figured there would probably be a better choice of trees up the mountain, instead of the pathetic sprinkling of sage brush at the bottom. after about an hour a jeep filled with some more people showed up from provo and squished the other stranded girls in and took them up. a second later another group of people showed up in a car that was clearly not made fro off-roading. it wasn't for another hour that our friend johnathon came down the trail in his gigantor truck to take us up. finally. so we piled in and we took the sleeping bags from the other people up there who hadn't been able to fit them and started zooming up the trail. about five minutes in, a tire pops. joy. boy, i really had to pee now. but with the giant cliff on one side us of and the steep mountain on the other, i didn't see how this could be remedied. the boys figured that it would probably be really unsafe to try to change the tire on an uneven rocky hill, so we called a toe truck to come save us. they were busy on another job so it could be a few hours. another hour later the jeep already at the camp sight finally arrived to come save us and take everyone's sleeping bags up. we made it to the top of the mountain at about 11:00. we were starving. aslo, at this point i had to pee for the last three hours. luckily there was an opportune little hill to climb over for some privacy, and i quickly took advantage of it. let me tell you, as uncomfortable as peeing squattin' outside like an animal is, that was probably the best feelin' pee i'd ever had. as i pulled down my paints i noted how freezing cold the open air was and started to get a feel for how miserable sleeping outside was going to play out. also, i noticed it was pitch black. my friend, natalie, and i joined everyone by the fire and grabbed some tinfoil dinners the earlier people had saved for us. we downed them like nobody's business, taking no time to what we were even shoveling into our mouths. after that we were so exhausted and freezing that we decided to get in our sleeping bags. we found a group of our friends spooning in their sleeping bags for warmth and joined them. natalie and i were at a disadvantage on the end of the spooning club, so we got in the same sleeping bag and draped the other one on top of us.

that was the start of the most miserable night camping i have ever had. i snuggled as close as possible to natalie and borrowed myself into my sleeping bag. normally i don't like to put my head inside the sleeping bag because i am always afraid i will suffocate, but i quickly got over my fear that night. i had four layers on, a blanket, and cuddle buddy, two sleeping bags, and i was still shivering the entire night. i hardly slept. a few times i reached up to feel my nose and it would feel like a little ice cube. i kept telling myself that as soon as i could see the sun, i would let myself run to the fire, but i should try to get as much sleep as i possibly could. well, sleep didn't happen, and slowly 5:30am rolled around. i peaked my head out to see if the the dark sky had lightened and it had. i looked over and saw a guy coaxing the fire. this was my ticket! i hopped out of my sleeping bag, wrapped my blanket around me, and ran to that fire lickety split. i was the second person by the flames, and claimed one of the few camp chairs for the morning. as everyone else woke up we broke out the hard, cold kostco muffins and bananas. i went to get my water bottle by my sleeping bag and it was frozen. ha! as soon as the sun made it over the top of our mountain and touched our sight we all packed up and started shuttling everyone home.

after that night, none of us wanted to even think about getting in a freezing cold lake.

moral of the story: i should have listened to my mother.

on the bright side, right before we left in the morning, me and natalie got a chance to carve into a tree for the first time. sleeping in the same sleeping bag was a bonding experience one does not forget easily ;)

[it really was a rather beautiful view from our camping sight :) ]

speaking of listening to mothers.

it's mother's day.

and i just wanted to share some great memories of my marmy.

that one time we spent an hour looking up cheesy knock knock jokes and anonymously texting them to my brother's friend.

when we spent a month in tribute to queen and their wonderfulness. i know more facts about that band than will ever do me good. but i love it, because it reminds me of my mom.

when she planned a birthday party for me when i was eleven or twelve, and wouldn't let me in on any of the plans, so when all my friends came over and she started passing out costumes for nursery rhyme characters and led a scavenger hunt it was a total surprise.

all the times that mom and i watched only you together.

 i'm sure i'll be adding more memories every once in a while :)

love you, mom.

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