Monday, May 14, 2012

i have some irrational fears. and they are as follows.

diving. plunging my head first underwater. not gonna happen.

popping balloons. i hate those stinkin' things. you never know exactly when it's coming.

buses. seriously. it's mostly when i'm on my way home from work. it is terribly frightening then when you are just walkin' home from work and suddenly you hear this really loud noise coming closer and closer to you and you can feel them coming, and you never know when the suspense is gonna end and you realize the bus was not actually going to run you over.  i just can't help but shudder every time.

toilets. at public bathrooms, to be specific. i just hate flushing those things. i mean, don't get me wrong, i want me a flushed public toilet, but every toilet is different and public ones tend to be particularly obnoxious and startling, flushing with such force and roar that you never know when some of the water will come up and contaminate you.

taking things out of the oven. i have never even been badly burned by an oven. it's weird.

randomly losing my eyesight. think about it - worst thing ever!

blood/cuts/abrasions/bone breaks/illness/any-bodily-malfunction-or-injury. basically.

also, sometime i wish i had a nest, where i could keep all of the most essential things of mine that would be comfortable. for example, my ideal nest would be made out of feather pillows. it would have my blanket it in, whatever book i am reading at the time, my phone, my laptop, my water bottle, and my phone and computer chargers. yup, i think that is about it. oh, wait, that nest is my couch.

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