Wednesday, May 30, 2012

how to have a happy life

my unsolicited advice: think of life as a world of cakes, instead of a world with cakes. understand?

yesterday i went on a date and we went to a park and played checkers. which, by the way, was my first time playing checkers and i completely annihilated him. ha. anyway, the entire date was spent in conversation about cake vs. pie. 

here is my question for ya'll: how do you convince an ignorant person that cake is indeed better than pie?

well, whatever i was doing last night wasn't cuttin' it, so, i decided that maybe this sort of concept is better described visually. so, without further ado, here is my post on cakes. 

cake cake cake

there are many different kinds of cake.

there are pretty cakes

there are fancy cakes

there are creative cakes

(cake pops)

there are fruit cakes

there are raspberry cakes 
{raspberry gets its own category}

there are colorful cakes

there are pink cakes 
(it also gets its own category)

there are layered cakes

there are cupcakes

there are wedding cakes

there are simple cakes 


there are becky cakes

 {s'more cake}
and there are scrumptious cakes

moral of the story



{thank you pinterest}


  1. I am pinning this.

    (oh, and I love the new layout!!!)

  2. Okay, my dearest.
    The fact that I get my own category of cake = lydia scores one on the Becky points.

    You should be happy, Becky points are tough to come by, and well sought after.

  3. Sorry, Lydia, Dad doesn't agree with you - he says, as he eats his cherry pie from Father's Day