Monday, May 7, 2012

highs and lows of a fairly uneventful monday

1) i waved at a guy in my ward today on campus and he didn't recognize me because i hadn't gotten ready for the day yet. it doesn't matter that it was 2. sue me for not believing in getting ready twice in one day - see, i knew i would be going on a run later. i don't believe in excessive amounts of showering.
2) public bathrooms. the only thing i hate worse than public bathrooms is the uncomfortable feeling of having to pee really bad. it's not that i'm not grateful to have a bathroom available, it is that the stalls aren't soundproof and the smell brings vomit up my throat. 
3) i have rubbed my nose raw with tissue after tissue. the only thing i hate more than nobody blessing you after a sneeze is that feeling of slime dripping down your throat and plugging up the two holes in the middle of your face. curse you allergies! i take my allergy pills every. day. and still you torment me!

1) finding this little guy in my pants pocket. i don't remember where he came from, but he inevitably reminded me of becky and matilda.

2) today i saved a duck's life. there's a whole elaborate story that go's along with that fact, which i am too lazy to type out. so just settle with knowing that there is a duck waddling alive today that would have been dead had i not rescued him from oncoming traffic.
3) accidentally mixing up the word "news" with "nude" while speaking with your coworker. it's funny. just imagine, "hey, have you seen the nude today? .. oh wait."
4) my boss bought me a chair support for my office chair. yes, i am fully accepting this new level of nerdom, because my back doesn't hurt after sitting in the same position for 8 1/2 hours every day. you may snark, but THIS old lady doesn't care, because she is pain free!
5) bonfire. <3 them. and cute boy at bonfire.

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