Sunday, May 6, 2012

highs and lows of a fairly delightful weekend.

1) roommates that noisily make out with their boyfriends in the corner of the room. ya. you're in the room. ya. you were there first. ya. you live there, too. ya. this isn't a secluded park bench, people. grroooo-OOOOSSS!!
2) the sad sad ratio of two girls for every guy in your singles ward.
3) not being able to taste the chocolate chips you're stuffing in your mouth because you have spring allergies that make your nose of stuffed.
4) unpacking is the worst. packing isn't that bad, because at least there is the anticipation of a great time out of town. but to unpack is to imply getting back to the real world and an inevitable increase in laundry.

1) fast sunday and making it home from your camping trip in time for sacrament meeting.
2) that cute boy you met writing you a nice note.
3) that other cute boy who works at the mtc telling you you remind him of skeeter from the help (best compliment ever!) and keeping up a delicious texting conversation.
4) your fav roommate in the whole world coming back from a two and a half week hiatus on tuuuuesday!!!
5) a spontaneous trip out of town to bear lake for your first time. meeting a bunch of fabulous new friends in the process and having a grand time catching up on sleep on a cozy couch next to a cozy fire in a cozy cabin and reading count of monte cristo.
6) skypin' with the folks across the world. i really do miss them.

summer is a good time!

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