Saturday, May 26, 2012

10 most best nights of my life

i was just watching a series about taylor swift on netflix tonight, while sick at home, and it started me thinkin' about the best nights of my life - my favorite memories. and so here they are, but in no particular order

:: taylor swift concert with becky last summer. <3

:: senior prom. i know, cheesy. yet, sentimental. it was with my only boyfriend in high school. and even though he didn't last long, i still had a great time, and sealed it with my first kiss. so, it definitely counted as something.

:: the midnight showing of the harry potter 7 - first half. i know, another silly one. but, i was with some of my best friends (Midge, Kaity, Haylee, and my brother - we were best buds at the time) and we had dressed up and watched the movies leading up to it. and there was just this excitement and giggliness that hung around us the whole night. we were silly and relaxed and totally happy.

:: fun. concert. i cannot even describe the euphoria of that magical night. let me just say that a good performance can go a long way, and i am not a die hard fun. fan for life. also, i want to marry nate.

:: i gotta have a girl's camp night in there somewhere. and it doesn't even really matter what night in particular--i just had the greatest times at girl's camp. but, it would probably be a safe guess to say one of the testimony meeting nights. i can remember this one time after having the most spiritual testimony meeting of my life when we just all sat around the campfire, cuddling, and grinning at each other as we just felt so happy and so close and... close to our Heavenly Father.

:: i have to put in a night i spent with my little sister. i just adore that little girl to pieces. pretty much every night i spend with her is one of my favorite nights ever. however, there was a particularly good time we had on a christmas eve night where we just stayed up ridiculously late, talking, jumping on the bed, and taking pictures of ourselves. oh, and we danced. we danced a lot. we love dancing together. and watching the hannah montana shows and arthur - only the two best shows ever.

:: watching only you or that touch of mink with my mom. it just doesn't get any better.

:: there was this one night two summers ago when i was in california with my sister, carrie, and we were watching a show, i can't even remember what. i think we were actually watching she's the man on youtube. anyway, we would pause the show every ten minutes and clean for ten minutes. but the rule was that during this time we could only speak in different accents. take in mind this was at 1am. so. fun.

:: once, i went to a place called italy, with just my mom and my dad and my brother. and we ate gelato erry day and went to beautiful museums and looked at beautiful art and strolled down darling colorful streets. nuff said.

:: oh.. and, there was also this one time. i'm embarrassed this makes the list. but, there was this one time when i went to idaho for one weekend about a year ago, to visit my grandma by myself, just cause. and i got asked out on a date while i was there. and it was with this boy i had a HUGE crush on. and... it was just an average fun date with four wheelers and empty potato storage building things and card games. no kiss and nothing grand. but i would be lying if i didn't say that the happiness and hope i was feeling wasn't one of the best feelings i've ever had.

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  1. I rrr-eally loaf dat ni-ite too. Oh, I dooooo!