Monday, October 17, 2011

kitchen essentials

so, i've been noticing that a lot of girl bloggers lately have been making posts about their "make-up essentials"... because, make-up is essential... for them, anyway...

well i've decided to do an essentials post too, but about something that is much more relevant than make-up.

kitchen essentials.

this post is geared mainly towards the college students' kitchen. 

and no, these don't go in order. except for the last one. that one is the most important.

a little bit ago my roommates and i decided to try the more expensive kind of peanut butter on the shelf, because well, we're worth it. and daaaannng, it was worth it! this is coming from the girl who never liked pb&js her whole life. i do now! and pb&a (apples) and pb&b (bananas), and pb&p (pickles. jus' kidding. but i bet i would like it if i tried it with adams' pb!!)

i have always been a huge fan of these, since i discovered them at my best-friend's house in jr. high.
yes. the ice-cream scooper. but i'm not just talking about any ice-cream scooper. not the plastic kind. but the metal kind that has the freakin' cool squeezy handle thing that lets you drop the ice-scream into neat little scoops instead of having to dig out the sticky ice-cream into the bowl from the scooper with your fingers. and one of my favorite uses for it is scooping raw cookie dough! i've never liked getting my hands super dirty while cooking cause then you have to wash them a million bajillion times. but not with this baby! it helps you scoop perfectly shaped rounded table-spoon cookie dough balls every time!!

the most tasty and convenient on the go snack of all time. all the time. and it's healthy. and tasty. and convenient. especially for breakfast.

a big one of these jars! um num scrumptiously delicious and satisfying. and they are 0 calories. in case you're counting. which i'm not.

other things include (but are not limited to)
1 string cheese (picture this: your on the go. what can you grab? string. cheese. but one thing i have to  say about this, don't buy the cheapest brand, trust me, it's worth paying the extra dollar!),
2 homemade raspberry jam (is there any other kind?),
3 bread (for the pb&js, of course!)
4 tortillas (make yourself a dang quesadilla!),
5 tortilla chips & fresh salsa (we're talkin' local grocery store-made fresh, sooo much better than pace), 
6 nestle chocolate chips (they have the best chocolate chip recipe on the back),
7 cocoa (for no-bakes, of course!),
8 pasta (just something to put the cheese on),
9 red-potatoes (baked potatoes - little preparation!),
10 sour cream (goes on anything. and in banana bread),
11 cream cheese (goes good on ritz crackers and delicious in mini cheesecakes!),
12 apples (an apple a day keeps the dr. away. and the pb close),
13 bananas (no smoothie is good without one of these - which reminds me, i also have a magic bullet, which is fantastic for quick, clean, and personalized smoothies.),
14 eggs (boiled eggs? easiest breakfast ever! shower while you wait.),
15 muffin tins. (for mini cheesecakes of course!)

and last, but not least:

ummm... self-explanatory?


  1. You said the word 'cheese' maybe 12 times in there. As well as peanut butter and cheese.

    The prettiest photo is the last.

    I do not lie.

  2. You are a girl after my own heart! I am in total agreement with your list. Fantastico!