Tuesday, October 4, 2011

carrie eliza

yesterday was my oldest sister's birthday.
she's the best.
and here's why.

she looked like this when she was two.

she looks like this on a regular basis.

she is a spectacular navy wife.

she has kids that look like this.
not to mention they are the brightest kids in the world.

she is uber fun to be around. clearly, one of the funniest women in the universe. also creative and ridiculously talented at photoshop.
she can take photos like this.
check out "opal dream photography" on facebook. 

she changed my life two summers ago when she let me stay with her in california.
best summer of my life, hands down.
she taught me so many things and as such a good example to me.
carrie constantly amazes me with all she does. literally, she's like super-woman. 
she's always working on a million things at once, and she miraculously gets it all done without ever seeming to get stressed. 
she is a fabulous cook and taught me how to make so many healthy yummy things last year, like granola and apply salad. and she makes the best sweet potato mac & cheese ;) let's just say her kids are going to grow up to be healthy superpeople.
she is never afraid to try to do new things and she is always working on a new personal service project. check out her last completed project here. this was huge.
she has done so many cool things like go to romania and uganda (apart from growing up around the world).

one of our finer moments.

love you, carrie!
thanks for being the best oldest sister ever!