Friday, October 14, 2011

becky boo boo boo boo

guess what?! it's watson's birthday!!

and now i get to tell you how great she is :)

she makes art like this.

she has a family that looks like this.

she has a sense of humor like this.

she can make a face like this.

she took me to the t-sweezy concert and cried like this.

i have some of my best memories with her, like this.

isn't she lovely?

oh, and she takes pictures like this.

she can make jewelry like this!

i look up to my sister in many ways. she is such a great example to me. she is always there for me. i call her everyday, more than once a day actually. she makes me a better person. she is funny and nice. i never hear her say anything mean about anyone, and she is constantly serving others. 
she is a fantastic wife and an incredibly awesome mom.
she is a good cook and has excellent style.
she is brilliantly artistic and creative.
she is faithful and a peacemaker.
she's splendid!

i love her.

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