Wednesday, September 21, 2011

to: mama

i love moms. i also love 'yo mama' jokes. today i told my best 'yo mama' joke ever. 
"my mom is going to be in town," someone said. 
"yo mom is gonna be in town!" i said. 
ya. that was a good one.

anyway, this post is about my mom. it's her birthday today!! 
and i am so excited, because it let's me make a post just to brag about her

my mom is an artist. the best in the world. she is constantly creating masterpieces! coolest talent ever.

(i wish i had pictures of her art.. but they wouldn't do them justice)

my mom is a nurturer. like woah. yes, she is a hover mother. and yes, my friends used to call her the naize mother. but only cause she is so dang good at being a mom. she is so caring and i am so grateful for how involved she is in my life. i don't know what i'd do without her.

my mom is one of the finest world travelers. she is so good at it! she is so brave when it comes to moving to a new country, new culture, new language.

my mom is funnnny! she definitely has one of the funniest senses of humor ever. almost as good as my joke at the beginning of the post.

(one of our finer moments)

my mommy is pretty! when i was six and was told that my mom was going to have another baby, she asked if i wanted it to be a boy or a girl. i told her a boy, because a girl would take away all her 'pretty'. i've always been enamored with my mother's beauty, especially her cat-eyes. if anyone has ever heard me use the phrase 'cat-eyes' before (which is not often), know that it is a compliment. it is what i call eyes that look like the eyes of the mommy cat in disney's "aristocats". BEAUTIFUL.
and my dad is TAKEN with her :) and they are the cutest couple.

my mom has a stroooong testimony. she is the most fabulous
example of who i want to be when i grow up!

my mom is the best cook in the world. you can't even argue.

i love my mom.
thank you, mom, for everything you do. you are super mom.

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