Friday, September 30, 2011

i love nice people.

okay, i will be the first to admit that i am easily annoyed with people, and it's not fair. it's not my fault people can't read my mind! lately i've had a lot of people screw me over and i was getting disappointed with humanity.

and then a lot of nice people did some nice things for me. and it gave me faith in the world.
-haylee made me a pb&j for lunch. twice this week.
-my sister who sent me a package in the mail with an emergency supply of dark chocolate and beautiful earrings. and my other sister who sent me a package with 20 bucks in it. for no reason.

-an old man who works over in the "important people's side" of the building has gone out of his way to make friends with me, the little nobody secretary in the carpenter shop.
-the time card lady at work is nice to me every. time. i mess up on timecards. i would have shot me by now.
-the sweet girl who wrote me an email of advice on how to get an internship at the moa. it was like a page long and i don't even know her!
-the adorable girl in my ward who brought delicious homemade zucchini bread to our apartment for no reason.
-for the boy who came over at 11 pm to help me with my biology homework. and explained the same concept to my thick brain over and over again. for free. bless his patience.

so many nice people who don't even know me well and are willing to do such nice things for me!

these people are little angels in my life, and i know just who sent them. thank you!

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