Tuesday, August 16, 2011

things i highly recommend

  • popeye's. if you're often stuck in the airport for long periods of time and end up starving yourself because you think airport food is too expensive, look for your nearest airport popeye's. you can get a tasty meal for $2.70 - it's heaven sent.
  • put your broken into glowsticks in the freezer. BEST. IDEA. EVER. you can take them out whenever you want, even after days, and after a minute they'll be glowin like there was no yesterday!
  • jimmy johns day old bread. you get a whole loaf for 51 cents. why WOULDN'T you buy this??
  • baby mama. one of the funniest movies EVA.
  • start your day out by reading your scriptures. also watch byu devotional live online at byutv.edu! such an awesome resource. every tuesday @ 11. mormon time.
  • chicken enchiladas. so easy. sooo yummy.
  • haagen daas white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. best. thing. eva!


  1. Most recommendation posts I read aren't all that wowza.

    I want to try all of these things.

    Me likey.

  2. you know I read your blog too