Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the east coast

i've been spending the last four weeks in paradise. heber with my family. california with my older sister. and virginia with my.. other older sister. and it has been heavenly! i went to my taylor swift concert (it was a blast! the openers were also great: hunter hayes and needtobreathe. i hadn't heard of either of them but my sister and i definitely looked them up afterwards). i've had a great time exploring the smithsonian, making jewelry, and eating lots and lots of greeeaaat foood.

oreo frozen custard with raspberry topping. divinity.

i've had a mighty fine summer so far if i say so myself. i feel so lucky to always have a super fabulous summer to take a break from a year of school. which starts at the end of this month. *insert DREAD*. it's not that i don't like school... but it's just the thought of having a whole other year of papers and tests and studying and never getting the grade i want.. streeesssses me out... but, i do love what i learn! it's the whole grading part that gets me. and the drama of being in a singles ward. that part of my life i hate. don't worry, i know that's wrong, i want to change that. anyway, this post isn't about how much i'm scared for my third year of college. it's about right now. and how i've been totally kickin' back and bein' spoiled. and i would like to point out that the hair do i've been sporting for the last few weeks is actually the new most stylish thing. LOOK what i found on thesartorialist, three posts in a row:

jus' sayin'. you can't tell me that's it's just my lazy way of getting out of brushing my hair in the morning. 

it's a fashion statement. 

of what... well... we won't go there.

speaking of fashion. i bought my first tube of red lipstick the other day. in the grocery story. pretty sure it cost something like $1.99, so obviously it's one of the more fancy brands (what can i say, i splurge on vacation). i was worried about it's quality, but actually it stays on my lips aaalllllllll day!... and everything else they touch.

what is it about ms. swift that allows her to wear this stuff and smack a microphone all concert and not paint it red? i saw her do this once. and her lipstick stayed stiff the whole time.

so my question is, ladies (or my two sisters that follow this blog), what can i do to get what i slather on my lips to stay on my lips, instead of staining every one of my sister's cups with my pucker? (oh wait, i already did that). are there any home remedy tips or some super cheap, effective, clear coating gloss i can put on to glue my smile in place? 


  1. Sorry but I have no advice for you in that area except to carry lip gloss with you in your back every where you go.
    Nice hair do ;) Too bad the Satorialist can't get a glimpse of you through his camera lense...

  2. ... Honest to goodness I drank out of a cup today with your lip smack on it still ....