Thursday, July 7, 2011

like a popsicle on the fourth of july

gumdrop if you can name the movie.

this last weekend was pretty adventurous. i hitched a ride to idaho with my cousin on friday, where i stayed at my grandma nelson's with my parents and little sister. RUPERT, idaho. aka nowhere. but i love it there! except for all the country music. it's growing on me, but S.L.O.W.L.Y. it was nice to just kick back, sleep in, and hang out with family. on saturday i went shopping with my mom and just chilled in the sun with matilda on the swings in my grandma's back yard. 

for the fourth we went to rupert's parade {woof}.and then we went to my cousin's wedding!
it was all very pretty, and my cousins and aunt and uncle did an amazing job on everything.
{especially the food}
have you ever experienced a chocolate fountain? nothing compares.

and i caught the boquet.

 {desperate much? i think not}

on tuesday it was my birthday! i turned 20. boo! so far all of my friends have been excited to turn twenty. but not me. i don't want to grow up. to me the future seems scary. and i genuinely liked being a teenager. call me immature. but i really don't want to grow up.
20. i'm so old. 20.
i think i don't like it because it reminds me that i have so much growing to do. you know what's interesting to think about? when you were a little kid and you thought about the future and your upcoming college years, you thought that you would be so grown up and responsible then right? not at all like i am now.

anyway, my family and friends really went out of their way to make this day special. did i tell you? my parents are in the states right now! whoo!! we went to dinner at rodizios grill

and my mom made me a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

and my lovely roommate made me a
 how wonderful is she?!
not to mention she decorate my room and threw me a party. and she got all my friends together and they all wrote me lovely letters. i feel very loved.

also, millie stayed the night with me in provo on my birthday. she left the next day while i was at work, but not without organizing my room and leaving little love notes everywhere. she is to die for.

yesterday, paige and i cleaned out our freezer and fridge in anticipation of our new roommate moving in tomorrow. did i mention this new roommate is my cousin brynn? i'm stoked. she grew up in nevada and i grew up around the world, so this will give me a chance to get to know her, she is adorable. anyway, this proved to be no easy task, seeing as there were things expired in this baby for YEARS. we used up three trash bags. yuck.

this is our frozen fish that we first found hanging outside our front door. courtesy of our pal dallas. he thinks he's so funny.

the finished product.
{notice the two birthday cakes! the carrot cake looked a little sad after the frosting almost slid off after melting in the car and moving it to a different plate}

janae came down to visit me today and brought me a late birthday present including an assortment of chocolates {with my fav! dove dark chocolate} and sobes.
isn't she rad?! we went to the dollar theater to see rango {i highly do not recommend this movie}
and then to cafe rio, one of our favorite past times. afterwards we shared the last of the cheesecake.

the last few days have been pretty splendid. i did have a piece of firework charcoal fall into my eye on the fourth and i did get a spider bite that made my hand swell up for a few days. but other than that, i made lots of cherish-able memories!

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  1. Love you, Lydia. Happy Birthday, Old One.