Saturday, June 4, 2011

alas | my sisters are better than yours

you've probably already realized that i'm a huge fan of my sisters
it's probably because i brag about them all the time
and that's probably because they're the coolest thing about me
i want to be like my sisters.
they are all better than I.
and i love it.

i've already done a blog post about her, but one could never brag too much about her
she's fun-freakin-tastic
my favorite past-times (um... passtimes? pasttimes? i never know!) with her:
watching disney channel's hannah montana. we could do this for hours on end. i dont' now why we're the only two teenage girls that still watch the show and love it, it's the best tv show ever!
turning off all the lights and dancing like nobody's watching while mom and dad aren't home.
dressing up like pirates. 
or having tea parties.
she completes me

preeeeeeetty much my hero. 
you know how when you sign up for a new online account for whatever and they ask you to choose a personal question and have a secret answer so that you can always hack into your account if you ever forget the password? well my question is always "who is your hero?"
and i always put the same thing: carrie.

i had the chance to live with carrie in california last summer
and it gave me a chance to get to know my oldest sister better.
best. summer. of my life.
she's amazing!
carrie just has this fabulous energy that is constantly flowing and never stopping,
only growing!
she has this endless stream of fun creative crazy ideas coming from her head
and the great thing about her is that she always acts on them!
and immediately!
we were always going to museums, to beaches, movies, shopping... the list goes on forever
and she's done cool things like go to romania as an intern,
she has achieved so much and is so adventurous, a definite example to me.
she's inspiring! when i think of her i feel more confidant that i can do hard things too.
(and she also looks great in this dress.)

i'm not meaning to save the best for last, but this post features becky because she was my inspiration for the post originally. then i just got so caught up bragging that i couldn't stop. 
it happens to the best of us.

sooo.... basically.... she's my best friend.
it all started when i first started college.
i had no friends or family around me and i felt lonely.
so i started calling becky! and ever since then we talk on the phone every day,
for multiple minutes.
 ..... except for not yesterday. because i didn't call her. and i didn't pick up the phone when she called me. because i was being a brat. 
i was on the phone with my poor sister two days ago when something came up on becky's end of the line.
she asked me if she could call me back.
"whaaat???", i cried.
what in a married woman's life with two babies could be more important than
this phone call?! 
so i hung up, deeply offended. and i didn't answer when she called me two seconds later.
i'm that dumb. 
long story short i got an email today that went like this: 

i couldn't ask for a better sister.
she makes me fall in love with things like this:

and spend my money on things like this:

(notice the shoes!!)
she is the most wonderful creator i know.

look! she's famous! notice the fifth picture down.

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  1. wow. Please come back to live with me. Please!