Thursday, May 19, 2011

some kids' people

last night i didn't go to bed. i got home from a date at 11:30pm (we made chicago pizza, turns out my summer at papa murphy's was worth something after all!), and got started on my pile of homework at 12:30am. i had a paper to write and many chapters to read. i was very sleep deprived at work today. so when a salesperson called in and rattled her shpeal for 3 minutes before letting me get a word in i was very impatient. and then when i told her our email she asked me to spell out the 'byu' part in three times. and it was just too much. hello! you called b.y.u! so when i got off the phone i muttered "some kids' people" which for some reason didn't sound quite right... :)

i spy a sunflower (i'm partial to tattoos)

on a brighter note, i helped my friend chelsea's in-laws with a catering job at a wedding reception tonight. there were some definite highlights...

 free italian sodas. my favorite: raspberry (i'm partial to raspberries) pina colada

the library with a ladder that slides on the shelves like in beauty in the beast.
i am partial to belle. :)

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