Monday, May 23, 2011

facts of life

did you know that the liver of the blowfish is deadly poisonous? and did you know that if a chef wants to prepare blowfish to eat he/she must train for 2-3 years and pass a test before they can be licensed? and did you know that the final test includes a written exam and the test-taker eating a blowfish he prepares? it's so tricky that only 30% of the test-takers pass (but don't worry, that doesn't mean the other 70% are killed, they usually fail earlier into the test). preparing a blowfish to eat is so dangerous that the chef must prepare it while the fish is still alive so that the poison doesn't spread - he has about 3 minutes or his customers die--eek!

did you also know that today i got stalked by a creeper boy who started a conversation with me on my way to work, got my number, touched my shoulder, told me that i was so beautiful and that it prompted him to ask to see me again. also--eek! i'd rather eat a blowfish whole. he even called me before i was even two steps away from walking away from him to make sure that i hadn't given him a fake number. oh my life.


  1. Okay. Besides the fact that this video is horrific. The fish was being pulled apart alive! You could see it breathing without a head!

    This was an awesome post. No one posts about blowfish! Much less a video!

    This is quickly becoming a read and reread blog.

  2. Oh my gosh, this post is hilarious!!!